Girl in the Green Sweater: Meet Amanda

It is funny to look through life and look at all the people who make you who you are. However, how often do you think about those people who care for you because of who you really are? Very rarely it seems to be for me. I have said a lot about the Girl in the Green Sweater, given many instances and insights to Melissa. However she is one of those girls that made me who I am, but didn’t really care for who I am. Sure she may have been fun, or had good times with her. She just never truly wanted to get to know me. This may make things complicated, and I think you are okay with that, but how about we meet Amanda, the person who cares about who I really am, and wants to get to know me for me.

It is funny how stories go in the dating world, everyone always asks about those firsts of the relationship, and we all know what the firsts are. And for the first time, I can honestly say, that this was one relationship that came out of nowhere. And if you truly met Amanda, I think she just might agree. Read more of this post


Thanks to Bingham High School

Dear Bingham High School,

I just wanted to give a little thanks to you, my little high school that isn’t so little. Being a 5A school and graduation with 747 people wasn’t a challenge but I often think what it would have been like to grow up in a small town and go to a small school. Then I think about it, and realize I love Bingham High School. I can’t say I am not excited to be done with high school, but I can say I enjoyed my time there with close friends and awesome teachers.

Today I visited the halls of Bingham again to represent Weber State University through the Admissions Ambassador program. I set up a table with a good friend Joseph to help talk to students about opportunities they have at Weber State. Students are for the most part respectful, and same goes for the faculty. Even though they may not like Weber, or graduated from another institution, no one comes to dis who I represent, they simply just ask for a free pen and move on. Bingham loves those free pens, and I love giving them out! It may be just something small, but it extends Weber into each person’s life. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is completely the truth.
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TONIGHT TONIGHT – My New Favorite Song

So a lot has been going on in life lately, and often times I just start listening to music to sort of take my stress away! While I was taking a break in the WSU Student Recruitment and Orientation Office, my friend randomly started playing this song. He had no idea what the song was and so I asked him what the name was and looked it up myself later that day. Well it has since become my new obsession. I really want to make a music video since there isn’t a decent one on YouTube that I can find.

So perhaps by the end of the summer you will see the work I have done. Hopefully along with some other videos. Let me know what you think!

Unfortunatley this video can’t be embedded into this post. So just click the “Watch On YouTube” link and it will take you to the video! Enjoy

So how was it!?

Site Crashes, Boss Supports

I haven’t experienced anything like this in my life as far as web design career, and yesterday the most epic thing occurred! I was working on the Val A. Browning Center web site on campus and I was experimenting on a new blogging format for what we are working on next year. (Stay tuned for what is to come.) In working through the process that needed to happen to make what we wanted actually real, I may or may not of deleted or moved some file/database that was key to our new website.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The website is actually all web-based and is run through Which is also where my blog is hosted through. Because it is web-based, I am actually not able to back up some of the services and files that are stored on our server. I know that may sounds complicated, and it is. The pictures and content are still all there, but the server that helped to correlate everything is gone. So I may have all of the information that I put on the site, but I have to rework the formatting, re-upload every image, every single thing and make it all work again.
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Relax before it all begins!

The end of the semester is coming, and I can now say I almost have two years under my belt at Weber State. Which is crazy for me to think because as of right now, I am not even 20! I feel so much older than I actually am, and I can’t believe all the fun times I can remember in my recent past, are still only 2 years old! It feels like yesterday I started here, and I think I’ll keep thinking that even when I graduate! It has been a lot of fun, but I know that the semester is wrapping up here quickly, and I still have so much to do!

My professors this semester have been really understanding of us as students. Realizing that we don’t have all the time in the world just for their particular class. My Communication Theory professor actually doesn’t have class again until the end of the semester for our project gallery. She understands that the project she asked us to participate in, takes a lot of time. So she wants to give us class time to actually be able to publish a nice piece of work that could possibly be submitted into a research magazine of some kind. Not only do I have a project in her class, but I also have a project in my Mass Communication class, a speech in public speaking, a paper in public speaking, two tests to complete in public speaking, a news story to write for media writing, several web design assignments, a test, and the creation of an entire website. That is just to name a few things that need to be completed before the end of the semester!

It is always a crazy busy time, but in all honesty you get a lot done because you know you have to do it! If you do fall behind, you just go and talk to your professors, they are understanding of your views and will work with you as much as they possibly can! Among all the chaos you still need to find time to have fun. Which is what I did this past weekend. You see, my weekends are my breaks from campus, everyone needs them, and I highly suggest them!
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The Girl in Green Sweater: Put into Perspective

Every girl, and in particular our girl, Melissa, needs to understand a couple of things about the dating game. Dating is fun, and you should always date around before falling madly in love with someone. Sure you can be twitter-pated, but look to your close friends for them to slap you if you are being stupid. And honestly listen to them. You may know what is right for you, but you don’t. Guys, you can take this advice as well. I know I have personally needed that several times in my life. And so have our guys, Ethan and Collin. We all need it, and isn’t that what friends are for anyway? To tell you things you don’t want to hear, only because they actually care about you?

If there is one quote that everyone could just sort of follow, the dating world would be much easier and understandable. If everyone knew this happened, and wouldn’t get all hurt about someone breaking up with them, then breakups would be easy, and hopefully finding the right one, easier.

This is a piece of love advice from a guy: “If you are in love with two people, pick the second one. If you really loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

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WSU Student Association: Letter of Intent

Since visiting Weber State University just over two years ago, I knew it was a place that I really wanted to attend and get involved with. My other siblings always attended college while living at home and I knew that I wanted my college experience to be different than what they had. So I actively sought out to change my college experience by getting involved from the get-go.

Through being an Admissions Ambassador I have learned a lot about organizations on campus and I have always wanted to figure out a way that I could get involved with more organizations on campus. The WSU Student Association offers such a wide variety of services to current students, that I knew this would only be the next smart move. The Student Association really helps to serve the students by providing activities to enhance their education. By showing the opportunities for them to get involved in campus and allows them to realize the impact they can have on the community that Weber State University serves.

Being a part of such an amazing organization would so rewarding for myself and allows me to continue my goal, which is to get students to realize how great the University really is, and show them that getting involved can only increase their college experience. Even if it is as simple as sitting on a committee or getting involved in 10 different organizations, it can change how you see the University and your life experiences. I want to be able to continue my goal through the Student Association so I can make a larger impact on the WSU students. Not only can I help to serve the students, but also, the association allows me to increase my learning curve by learning how I can apply things from the classroom to different organizations. Creating a comprehensive learning plan for my career.

Through all of my leadership and involvement in high school and at Weber State, I have learned several things about leadership and how I can do more to help students. I have worked in several organizations that directly link me to making that next step to the association. If I am not sure how to do something, I am willing to not only learn, but to master the task at hand. I am not a person that lets little details slip; I want it to be right! Through the association I am sure that I will learn how I can take my Public Relations/Advertising classes at WSU and apply them to my work within the association for the benefit of the students.

In all honestly I run a hectic schedule that takes a lot of planning each week. For the most part I spend my morning in class, and my afternoons at work on campus. Often planning Wednesday’s as my meeting days for my clubs and organizations I am currently involved with. My work is very lenient and understands that often times I will be taking off work to stay involved with campus. As long as I am able to get it all done, they are okay with me being absent. I spend my nights doing homework and I use my weekends as breaks from school, and hang out with colleagues and friends. Next semester I understand that school will only be getting harder now that I am in my program so I will be taking 12 credits to allow for me to stay in my two clubs, still be an Admissions Ambassador, hopefully work as a part of the Student Association, and still carry my part-time job on campus. I love being busy and that has always been who I am. I can thrive among the stress and the product will always be the same, great.

Changing my college experience and still be able to help and serve others has been a wonderful experience and I hope that through the Student Association I will be able to further my college experience.

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